Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech

Dr. Mitchell Walker:
When I was a kid, I loved engines—
go-kart engines, boat engines. Anything that had
an engine on it, I was taking it apart. And when I was
in high school, I was very good
at math and science. And so when it was time
to go to college, I looked through the brochure
and I found something that looked like engines,
math, and science, so I picked
aerospace engineering. [electronic music] Dr. Mark Costello:
Aerospace engineering is all about developing
new machines that operate in space and in the atmosphere. These include airplanes,
helicopters, and missiles, as well as spacecraft
such as satellites and rovers that can go to new planets. Scott: You can also work
on everything from cars to trains. Basically anything where air
flows over or anything in space can be considered
aerospace engineering. Jessica: I think
the opportunities that I will have being
an aerospace engineer are really exciting. The different places
I could work or just the projects
I could work on, be it a launch system
or a satellite or an airplane, in the future. Dr. Mitchell Walker: A person
should come to school at the Georgia Tech School
of Aerospace Engineering because we’re a top program
in the country, we have breadth in all
of the core aerospace fields, and we have
deep technical quality. Carlos: I think Georgia Tech
is a really great place for aerospace just because
of the facilities that we have here.
We’ve got wind tunnels here. We’ve got smoke screen
visualizations here. We have really good professors,
and the classes that are being taught here are
very, very high level and really on the cutting edge
of technology. Dr. Mitchell Walker: A graduate
of aerospace engineering has an enormous number
of opportunities. They can go
into the automotive industry making car engines. They can go
into the boat industry. They can go into spacecraft.
They can do UAVs. But they can also do
very basic science. They can do inkjet printers.
They can do burners on stoves. It’s a broad range
of anything that deals with energy and flows. Sam: There’s a lot of room here
for innovation, startup companies,
especially when you’re working with little vehicles. You can build them in a room;
you don’t need a big factory. So there’s a lot
of exciting new challenges people are working on and being their own bosses
doing it. Dr. Mitchell Walker:
The personal qualities that make a good student
in our program is that the student has to have
a passion for aerospace, they have to have a strong
background in math and science, and they have to be
persistent in how they prepare for our material.

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  1. I've been wanting to go to Georgia tech for aerospace engineering since fifth grade and now I'm a sophomore in high school. I'm dying to be at Georgia Tech and wish I was already there.

  2. I've been waiting and I'm not there yet cause I not in college but anyway I've been waiting since 3rd grade and I am wearing a Georgia tech shirt right now and I live in Georgia

  3. im pretty bad at math and i dont really want a career in enjineering but wow this is very intersting and i think it would be really cool to design air and space craft

  4. I'm a mechanical engineer student from Ecuador and I would like to apply for a master program in aerodynamics ….I have a GPA 3/4 how could I apply for a scholarship ?


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