Advanced Placement & Higher Education

AP Biology enabled me to take
classes like molecular genetics and microbiology
very, very early on in my college career,
which I’m very grateful for. Support on your campus for AP encourages students to reach for more. My AP experience
has really allowed me to get a more in-depth experience
with economics. Being able to get involved
as a research assistant, as a first-year, being able
to take more difficult classes has really allowed me to just
sort of enjoy my college experience and get the most
I possibly can out of it. AP courses have definitely allowed me to go further
with my college experience. There are internships
and exchange programs. I could go to Tallahassee and work
for the state senate. From taking high-level biology classes to having time to pursue a minor and take choir and music classes, I think that I’ve been able
to really round myself out as a person who loves
both science and the arts. And I attribute that a lot
to the support of AP credit. Having this credit as I go forward
will allow me to complete my economics major in three years which will give me time
as a fourth year to take electives
such as computer science and physics that I’ve always
wanted to take, but haven’t been able
to fit into my schedule. I would tell the universities that they should support
AP credit policy because without that proper support, students won’t necessarily be
incentivized to take those extra classes and discover where their passions lie. Once those students
reach your university, they will be
the academic leaders of your campus and will truly inspire
the other students there.

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