100 Replies to “Academy Anecdotes (School Stories)”

  1. His kindergarten 1st grade and 6th grade teacher wear the same shirt and are the same hair color, coincidence, I think so

  2. With most jobs you need math like idk my teacher used to have a poster with all the jobs that need math ik baker is one of them

  3. I was giving a speech to my math class and was nervous and started playing with the stapler and acedditly stapled my finger

  4. I hate school and I should know because they changed all of of the math principles are reading principled I don't know because I know I'm a freaking kid and I hate it I'd rather be a grown up and make YouTube videos of my best friend that's what I want in the real world

  5. I am pretty good at grammar but I dont understand why music class is important if you wanna be a marinne biologist

  6. Actually one time we had to write a full report on what math is a complete presentation on a mathematician that could make or break our grade.

  7. You know, this reminds me of something. I go to an extended math class, meaning that we solve much harder problems. Now today, we were doing a math equation called bases. You have to line up the numbers, but a certain number is replaced with 10

    For example, if you had base 13, you would go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 10 (Notice you replace the 13 with a 10)

    Now it was extremely hard, most of the class had their minds shattered, so I ask the teacher "When are we going to use bases in real life?" he told me that it was used in binary, but I definitely think that no one was going to be a computer programmer. We weren't going to the store and the clerk was going to say "Oh that will be 10.15 in base 5,"

  8. im in homeschooling and i was listening to your video and you saying math sucks WHILE i was doing math coincidence huh

  9. I would prefer to right an essay then just write in my math notebook the same thing for an entire week and every 2 days get homework… just me?

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