A Walk in Beijing Institute of Technology with Lina | 和李娜一起逛中国的“麻省理工”——北京理工大学

Hello everyone Welcome to Lina’s Chinese University Tours And today I am going to Beijing Institute of Technology. It is behind me I’ll call it BIT in short so what if we change the B to M Yeah, it reminds me of MIT, So I think maybe they want to be the MIT of China Now I am at the east gate of BIT It is by a main road And on the other side of the road it’s the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science Okay. Now I will take you into the campus. Let’s go Here is a school map Let’s take a look I will reassure my routine here This is the main building and it’s a teaching building I will turn left first Here is another teaching building, Building No. 5 There must be someone mowing the lawn I can hear the sound of the lawn mower Over there is the library and some labs On my left is the school art gallery It’s under renovation Universities always make full use of the summer vacation for all kinds of constructions. On my right is a long garden I will show you later Now I will go along this way And this is the central building There seems to be some special conferences or activities in that building so I would keep away from it Let’s go on We can see the sports field and the gym there Look, beautiful flowers Turn left and walk along the flowers I am now at a crossing In front of me is the south gate On my left and my right, there are some teaching buildings I will show you the left part first Along this way, there are mainly teaching buildings and labs Here is a sculpture It is a special tool to observe the sky stars, planets and maybe constellations But I don’t know the English name of it This is the back of the library So I will turn around and go back to the crossing by the sports field What a lovely sunny day Good for walking Now I’m at the crossing again This time I will go along this way to the gym And the basketball courts here are popular on weekends I’ve come here playing basketball with my friends for some time Now here we are the gym Let’s go up to see the gym and the fields Okay, here we are it’s a good place for pictures, right? And there is the central building it looks splendid here Okay, now I’m at the football field of BIT Look at this football field. It’s great They have such a good football field, because they have a great team It’s one of the best unversity football team in Beijing, or maybe in China So they have a really great football field I came from that way, the east gate And I am going to show you around the other part Okay, so let’s go along Oh, what a beautiful day I wanna sing and dance here like they do in The Sound of Music And I’m now at the other side of the gym There is another football field the BIT students do love football Across the football field, over there is the living area for students Okay, now I’m going down And there is a dining area. I will show you later now let’s turn right Look, construction site again But we can see some pictures of the campus on the site fence The library, the teaching building, the garden, lovely Okay, let’s turn right again And now I am at the other side of the central building This is a reseach centre with some labs I will leave the main road for a while to show you the central building and the garden There is the unversity motto on that building 德以明理,学以精工 In my understanding, maybe maintain high morality to explore and understand truth Keep learning and researching to benefit the world and the human beings Let’s walk around the garden Here is a sculpture for Confucius This is the university logo with a lot of birds On the top is a Pigeon means peace and others maybe hawk for flying high Look, persimmons It’s the common plants in north China Go through the garden and we can see the back of the main building The main building at the east gate That’s where we started Let’s turn left to the north part of the campus Here’s a cafe named scholars point coffee It seems they are having a small seminar here Here is a long and a huge building Aha, it’s the school of Aerospace Engineering And the Institute of Advanced Structure Technology is also here That way leads to the Faculty’s living area So I will take this way first This is the Information center the School of Computer Science and Technology BIT is really good at all kinds of technologies like Computer science, technology, mechanical engineering automation, information and electronics etc. And now I’m at the Faculty’s living area There is the BIT attached kindergarten There is also an attached primary school at the northwest corner of the university campus But I am not going there And this is the dining and shopping area Here are dining halls, restaurants and stores This is Yanyuan Restaurant This is Jinggong Local Flavor dining hall Muslim dining-hall Dining Hall No.3 Staff Dining Hall Dining Hall No. 2 The BIT dining halls are really popular even among students from other universities nearby Because they are really student-friendly with a low price and abundant food This is the school hospital The way on my right leads to the north gate But I will turn left and get out from the south gate These are the school buses BIT has another campus at the outskirt of Beijing so there are school buses for the two campuses And this is an apartment for masters and PhDs We are at the south side of the campus again Look, the gym and the football field And the basketball courts Look, my shadow. Let’s say hi to my shadow. Lovely Ok, I am going out now Okay, now it’s time to say goodbye to BIT I will stop here I’m going to make more University tours If you like my university tools please hit the like button and share the videos to your friends If you want more university tours, don’t forget to subscribe This is Lina from China See you next time in the next video ByeBye

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