16 Replies to “A Day in the Life: University of Tokyo Engineering Student”

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  2. I think Japan has no excuse for me to sleep a while when I have (no) assignment. Sorry, my friend told me such a thing like that and made me think twice before having a flight to there :). However, I really appreciate the Japanese with work attitudes. My research concerns about the molecular plant in life science and I am still seeking good probabilities for continuing my interest.

  3. I guess that is the difference. I studied at U.S., and started to take upper division classes at my second year. SOme were taking upper division classes at their first year.

  4. I m from Nepal. I want to study at best civil engineering college in Japan. Please tell me about engineering college and about fee 😍

  5. Plastic love? However unsure about using it here. it really does not match the personality of the student or the images shown in the world.

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