A day in the life of a graduate student: Paige

I’m in my PhD in Applied Health Sciences,
and specifically, I’m in the Kinesiology department and Physiology stream. Time for school… but coffee first. So I chose to go into Kinesiology at the University
of Waterloo because I think it’s an amazing program. Obviously it’s the first one in the world,
and I think that it’s always had a long history of being really innovative and putting
a lot of effort into research in every capacity of Kinesiology. My research for my Master’s and now moving
forward into my PhD is focused on a specific muscular disease. It’s a very rare neuromuscular disease but
we’re looking at potential treatments for that. Lastly, I think the opportunity to be involved
in things outside of your actual research, so like the Kin Graduate Student Association
(KGSA). I started teaching yoga about 3-4 years ago
and it’s something that I’ve always kept as a personal practice for myself, and also
trying to help others in that sense because I think it’s such an amazing thing, both
physically and mentally. It’s changed my life. So that’s a big thing that I do outside the department
and my program. Time to go to St. Jacob’s Market to get
some cheap groceries. Alright, so we made it to St. Jacob’s Market. Jay’s game!

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