A day in the life at Cambridge University: Humaira Rahbin #GoingToCambridge

سلام من ارسلان هست -Hi
-Hi -Hi everyone
-Hi everyone -I’m Arsalan
-I’m Arsalan Hi I’m Humaira Rahbin and
this is my son Arsalan We are from Afghanistan and I study
at the University of Cambridge Back in Afghanistan I did my
Bachelor’s in political science and MA in international relations and I worked with several NGOs
and also international organisations My latest job was with the Dutch embassy
as Gender and Development adviser and I’ve worked with as at policy level
for women’s rights and also gender equality There’s a severe need for women at policy
level and also decision-making positions and that drove me to go
for a degree in public policy because I think we need more experts in
this area and especially women experts Of course it’s very different kind of
lifestyle in Afghanistan than here Here I felt that I have the
option and also the freedom to make some decisions that I
couldn’t make back at home so that was the first
impression I got from here and the serious thing was
that when studies started I really realised that okay you’re
in at the University of Cambridge Settling in at Cambridge and also the department has
been very heartwarming and very good because they understand that there are a
lot of international students as well there are people coming from Japan, from
China, from Afghanistan, from Egypt, from Syria so there are people with different backgrounds
and they’re coming from different countries a lot of worldviews, different
angles that you can see sometimes as a person who is a bit
experienced and has already done an MA and also you see a person with a
different age or different experience you can see the world
from a different angles you can find the opportunity to
see how they are seeing the world The level of education is
beyond what I expected it’s very high, you have to study a lot you have to learn and
also along with that there are opportunities that you can
connect with different groups of people make your own networks participate in events so yeah a lot of opportunities ready
for you to grab and learn and flourish Luckily I found out about Rowan
Williams Cambridge Studentship which supports students
coming from conflict zones countries where it’s not very easy
for them to continue studying and also find the opportunity
to be in Cambridge This is organised by Cambridge
Refugee Scholarship Campaign which is run by students at
the University of Cambridge and the students have
been super supportive not just in terms of
establishing such a program but also helping students
adapt in a new environment introducing them to other students
at the University of Cambridge and also helping them settle in Balancing motherhood with
studying, I have my own tricks to manage my time and also
spend time with my family with my son and also do my studying and I also understand that you have
to put double energy in your studying so what I do is I stay awake more two
hours or three hours in the night so that way really helps
me to not lag behind The first thing Arsalan said when he
arrived in the UK was we are here in London and let’s go to the park,
let’s go shopping so things were that easy for him all he knows is that there
is a different environment but the thing is that the
environment is very positive people are smiling wherever he goes they’re thanking each other
for very little favours it gives him a kind of positive energy
so he doesn’t feel we are not from here Maybe it’s because he’s always
been with me in my travels that’s why he is a kind of ‘globalised kid.’ Fortunately I come from a family both my own family
and also my in-laws that they’re very supportive
of whatever decision I make and it’s right for my future and
career and also for my family so my husband has
been super supportive he supported me to be here, even
though I’m alone and he’s in Afghanistan and also my in-laws, my own family,
they have been very supportive we are in touch, they’re calling me every
day and always they encourage me to work harder I really miss my husband, the person who
is like involved and behind all this success I know he misses us as well, though
we are like in touch on a daily basis whenever we talk with each other about how much we miss each other then we think of the big goal that
we are hoping to achieve in life so that’s why we say it’s not
a permanent situation we will be back together Thank you so much everyone
for watching I hope you enjoyed it to find out more about the Rowan
Williams Cambridge Studentship and other scholarships, you can click
on the link in the description

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