2017 NSW International Student of the Year Awards – Higher Education winner

So, at UTS I’m involved in many activities, and I am passionate about communications. At the moment
I’m Activate UTS Vice President. The wonderful thing about Linus is literally from the day that he first stepped on this campus, he was involved in
social justice activities. So the other things
I’m involved in at UTS includes my position
as a social justice director. Linus really stood out for us because of his involvement across so many different aspects
of the university. The very first week
he came as a student he signed up to be part of the Racism Stops With Me campaign at UTS. I wanted to do something that will help many students on campus, and I decided to this campaign just to give awareness and to remind people
that racism is there. He’s incredibly humble. He’s quite softly spoken. So, he supports students,
he supports others. And he really is loved by all. It’s not about being nominated. It’s the impact that I make in the community – that’s the most important thing.

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