🇮🇩 TUTORIAL MAKEUP WISUDA SIMPLE & EASY // Graduation Makeup [Eng Sub]

hey everyone! welcome back to my channel~
I’m Fei and this time I will be sharing with you guys a graduation makeup which you can
do it yourself at home. Let’s start! First I’m gonna use an essence primer to moisturise
my skin and make the makeup lasting longer and then I’m gonna apply naturactor only on certain spots which need more coverage. Some people like to mix this product with
foundation but the result is gonna make the makeup heavier. after that I’m gonna apply foundation from
missha and this product is my favourite to create a glowy look. next, you can skip this step if you don’t
have dark circles. next, I’m gonna set the concealer with a setting
powder to make it stay longer. next, I’m gonna draw my eyebrows with a light
brown eyebrow powder to match it with my hair colour. I choose the eyebrow shape which is not too
straight and not too curved. Now I’m gonna do the face contour to make
my face look more dimensional but I’m still gonna make it look natural. for the nose, start from the tip of the eyebrow
and bring it downwards to the nostrils. and then I’m gonna apply it onto my jawline
and also along the hairline on my forehead moving onto the eye makeup. I’m gonna apply the base eyeshadow first. next for the main colour, I’m gonna apply
a pinkish purple colour onto my upper lid and apply it a little bit onto the outer corner
of my eye. next by using small brush, I’m gonna apply
a medium brown shadow onto my upper lid near the upper lashline and also onto
the outer corner of my eye to create a depth effect. Next I’m gonna apply a shimmer eyeshadow onto
the middle part of my upper lid by using my finger after that I’m gonna line my eyes with a dark
brown cream liner. and I’m gonna use a brown eyeshadow to soften
the line. Next to make the eyemakeup look prettier,
I’m gonna apply a glitter eyeshadow onto my lower lid like this. and for the waterline, I’m gonna use a brown pencil liner and then apply the false lashes. Don’t choose the one which is too long! and also apply the mascara onto the lashes for the blusher, I’m gonna use the same colour
that I used for the eyeshadow earlier and I’m just gonna apply it a little bit onto
the apple of my cheeks Next for the glowy effect
I’m gonna apply the highlighter onto the certain features of my face, especially around the
cheekbones last for the lips. I’m gonna use a matte lip tint and mix two
colours to make the lip colour look prettier. So that’s it for the simple graduation makeup
tutorial from me. and you can do this makeup by yourself at home I hope this tutorial is helpful for you and
if you like this video please don’t forget to share, like and subscribe! thank you for watching. bye~~

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  1. Udah lama gak denger kak fei pake bahasa, cantik kak pake batik ❤ make upnya gak usah ditanya, selalu cantik ❤❤❤

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